Due to COVID-19 we offer teletherapy, videochat, and phone sessions.


Long Island Psychotherapy

Long Island Youth Counseling

Counseling for Children

Our therapists are licensed and experienced in counseling children of all ages. As children grow up, there can be many trials for them to overcome. We pride ourselves on being able to open the doors of communication to both children and young adults.

Adolescent Therapy

Especially for adolescents, having someone to talk to outside of parents, teachers, and peers can be an invaluable resource for their mental and emotional development.

Counseling for Young Adults

People of any age, including young adults, can suffer from a wide range problems that include everything from social anxiety to grief. Untreated, these types of things can carry on to adulthood and even get worse over time. With understanding, compassion, and hard work, these issues can be managed and we can help.

Our Team Can Help

We accept most major insurance carriers, so please feel free to request an appointment for your child.