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Marriage Problems

Falling in love is a wonderful experience. In the beginning, you are so excited to hear from your partner, to hold hands, to simply just hang out together. You get to know one another, and you love everything about him or her. You may get engaged, or live together, or get married. Children may come. Everything may become more important than the marriage. There is less intimacy. There is less fun. There is less time going places and doing things. The focus may become on the children, or money issues. You may wonder what has happened to all of your dreams. You may question if you are with the right person. You may feel unfulfilled, unhappy, or depressed. After a few years of a marriage or relationship, you may notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage of falling in love, and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage. The euphoria of love always fades somewhat. This is the natural cycle of any relationship. It is sometimes very difficult to hold a marriage together. Every marriage or relationship goes through cycles of good and bad times.

Solutions for Couples

Marriage or relationship counseling can be invaluable when going through one of the challenging, difficult times. Having a professional therapist objectively listen, arbitrate, and facilitate conversation often results in a renewed sense of love and teamwork. We can work with you to discover the roots of problems, and work on comprehensive interventions to solve them. We can help you discover what your partner's needs and desires are, and how to meet them. We understand that you rely on your spouse, or partner, for support, comfort, and companionship, and we can work with you to help you keep your relationship intact.

Our Compassionate Counselors

We have some of the most talented, committed, and compassionate marriage counselors on Long Island, and we would like the opportunity to help you save your relationship. Please contact us to make an appointment with one of our licensed professionals.